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Privacy Policy: Globally Jewish lists businesses, community events and classified ads in a freely accessible and unencrypted database. The app is used without any need to provide any personal information and no account or login is required or possible. Users can submit company information as well as community events and classified ads. This information is stored for users to see and is expected to be of a non-personal nature. The Globally Jewish app for iOS does not require any personal data and asks you do not include any in any submissions you make. All submissions are held for review and our policy is to reject any personal information. When a user elects to communicate with a listed company through the app, that company will receive, directly from the user, some personal information such as an email address or phone number corresponding to the chosen communication method in accordance with the app to which Globally Jewish hands over to. When responding to a classified ad, the app refers you to your email system from where you can email the admin team at Globally Jewish. Your email address or any other personal information you provide is incorporated into our email system as normal for emails. Globally Jewish will not use, disseminate or harvest this information for any purpose other than to communicate with the user in relation to the specific ad in question. As it is not our policy to handle private information, we do not provide for, nor accept any responsibility for, the safety or security of any such unsolicited information.
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